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Overseas Pilots

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Overseas Pilots - Fly your own Scenic Experience

Many pilots on holiday want to do more than take a scenic flight, naturally they want to fly the plane themselves, and what better place than the Fiordland and Mt Aspiring National parks.

The Wakatipu Aero club encourages foreign pilots to come flying with us, no matter how short your stay is. Under the guidance of one of our experienced flight instructors you are able to fly yourself around some of the most stunning scenery in the World. You will also have the opportunity to learn some of the basics of flying in this unique environment.

Maybe a trip over to Milford Sound and a cruise appeal to you, or enjoy spectacular glaciers around Mt Aspiring, perhaps even an over flight of Doubtful Sound… The possibilities are limitless.

Overseas pilots wishing to fly New Zealand registered aircraft are required to either convert their current licence to a New Zealand one, or obtain a short-term validation. Furthermore to fly Wakatipu Aero Club aircraft in the mountainous environment that surrounds us, requires at least some basic mountain flying training. Many visiting pilots are not in Queenstown long enough to meet these requirements but this is not a problem. Simply fly with an Instructor who will guide you around the area, making radio calls for you, allowing you to relax and enjoy your unique flying experience.

If you are here for longer period then this is a perfect opportunity to do some mountain flying training with us. This training and experience will benefit pilots of all abilities and experience levels. You may also want to obtain a New Zealand licence or a short-term validation; the Wakatipu Aero club is able to assist with both of these.

See the CAA website for more details or download Flight Crew Recognition information PDF.

To find out more you can listen to one of our instructors interviewed on The Flying Podcast, and Hangar Flying Podcast.

How to get short term validation

A Short term Validation enables you to use your ‘current’ overseas licence here in New Zealand for a period up to 6 months. The process is simple; produce your current overseas licence and medical, conduct a Biennial Flight Review and complete this form: Download Issue of a Validation Permit form.

How to convert your PPL

Converting your overseas licence enables you to be issued with a lifetime NZ PPL Licence. To qualify for this conversion you must produce your ‘current’ overseas licence and medical, conduct a Biennial Flight Review, meet NZ PPL requirements and complete this form: Download Issue of New Zealand Flight Crew Licence - Overseas Licence Holders Only form.

New Zealand PPL Requirements in some cases require additional training on top of your overseas licence such as Instrument Flying (5 Hours Simulated or Actual), Cross Country flying (10 Hours) and recently introduced Terrain and Weather Awareness training (5 Hours).

You will also be required to complete a Fit and Proper Persons Questionnaire, that requires you to obtain reports for Criminal and Traffic offence history for the last 5 years. Finally a Language Proficiency test is required for the NZ PPL (or evidence of you having already completed this).

You will find all the links and forms you require here: Download Issue of New Zealand Flight Crew Licence - Overseas Licence Holders Only form